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Value for Money from Wiltshire Walks

Wiltshire Walks is a commercial organisation, but we don’t consider that profit margins are a

guide to the level of our success.  Our overall motivation is to provide a great service to our customers so that they feel ‘special’ in every way - something that is unusual to find these days.  Here are a few examples of why we consider our Walks are ‘special’:

An example of this?  Well, if you were to become a ‘Fly-On-The-Wall’ for the same Guided Walk on successive days with differing clients you would immediately notice that the same Guided Walk would be very different on each day.  Our Walks Leader will take note of differing clients tastes, and modify both the Walk route and the ‘content’ of the Walk to take these into account.

As this ‘Fly-On-The-Wall’ you will not find the Walk Leader taking you on a route that he/she is following to the metre (via GPS of course) whilst giving a bored rhetoric memorised for that particular Walk.  Of course, our Walks Leaders cannot be experts in every subject, but our Leaders are individually chosen to be the best ‘compatible fit’ for each customer profile.  You are therefore guaranteed an incredible value-for-money Guided Walk in every way.

You may have visited this Website looking for free details of Walks around the area.  Sorry, but we are a commercial organisation, and we don’t provide free details of maps/routes of the usual harangued short walks along well-worn Rights of Way. You find these elsewhere on the Web, or in any of the Walks Guides in the Bookshops.  

The Web makes it seem so easy for us to find information of any kind, and that includes details of Walks and Tours of the English countryside.  But how accurate is this information, both in factual terms, and the age of the information?  In terms of Self-Guided Walks and Tours, can you trust the following information: